Choosing a Size for Your New Garage

Wondering what the standard size of a garage is in Tasmania? Some builders are advertising homes with garages less than 5.5m deep others say you need 6m or even 6.5m! While there is no set standard size for a garage in Tasmania, there is a practical or optimal size for your new garage.

Garage Sizes

So what size should your new garage be? First and foremost, how many cars do you own or plan to own? What types of vehicle are they and do they have extra fittings like a tow ball or roof rack?

Many families tend to own two vehicles but even if you only own one a double garage may still be a good investment. The extra space can be used as storage, workshop or home gym and may increase your home’s value in the future.

Double Garages

For a double car garage 5.8m x 5.8m (internal measurements) is considered as a common standard two-car garage size. With this size you can fit two sedan style vehicles. If you prefer smaller cars, you may be able to get away with 5.6m deep x 5.8m wide. Or alternatively, if you want just a little more room or you have a larger car you could go with 6m x 6m.

Single Garages

For a single car garage around 3.2m wide is recommended. The width of a single car garage really needs to be more the half that of a double garage. When you park two cars in a double garage there is space in the middle that either cars doors can be opened into. With a single car garage there’s no shared opening space so you need to allow some extra width.

Triple Garages

Triple car garages are also a good option if you have the space, around 8.6m – 9.2m wide by 5.6m – 6m deep is a good size. Triple garages often have a double garage door on one side and a single door on the other. This configuration works well particularly if the third space is a workshop or storage for a boat, caravan or an infrequently used car.

For a triple garage you may want to considering breaking up the large area of garage doors. Particularly if facing the front of your house. Depending on the design of your house this can be done by setting one door further forward or with a feature wall between the two doors.

If your adding to an existing property it is a good idea to check how much space is available and make sure there are no council restrictions on the space that can be used; as a triple car garage will use a large area. When designing a new house, unless it is for a particularly small or narrow lot there is normally space to make a triple garage work.

Door Height

The height of your garage door may be a question you have not thought about. Many people do not even realize there are choices in this area!

A good standard door height is 2229mm. If your garage is brick this height works with standard brick dimensions. The top of standard windows are normally set at 2143mm and a garage is normally stepped down 1 brick or 86mm so this height makes the top of the garage door line up with your windows. Most standard vehicles will fit through this opening and many design options are available.

For especially large vehicles or those with sports rack mounts, you can increase the garage door height to 2486mm. This will allow plenty of clearance for your outdoor gear, added roof lights, or other non-standard accessory. The extra door height will slightly increase the project cost.

If your using timber framed construction you can choose almost any height you want but the above heights still work well.


To add extra storage space to your garage, simply add 0.8m – 1m to the overall width. This gives just enough space for some shelving with space to walk passed.

For a workshop adding around 1.2m to 1.6m generally creates a good sized space. While 1.2m should be plenty of space for a workbench, if you want enough space to stand at the workbench with a car parked behind you should make this closer to 1.6m.


An alternative to building a garage is a carport. An open carport without a door is cheaper to build than a garage so if your building to a tight budget this could be an option worth considering.

A carport can also be a bit smaller than a garage. If there are no side walls restricting car doors being opened you can reduce the width. If you do not mind walking uncovered around the back of the car you could also reduce the depth too.

A good minimum size for a carport is 5.6m x 5.6m with 5.9m x 5.9m being a good size for most situations.

Recommended Garage Size Chart

Single Garage Double Garage
Small 3.0m x 5.6m 5.6m x 5.8m
Standard 3.2m x 5.8m 5.8m x 5.8m
Large 3.4m x 6.0m 6.0m x 6.0m
Door Height 2229mm 2229mm
What it Holds 1 car 2 cars


  • For larger 4wd style cars consider adding 0.2m – 0.4m to the width and depth of your garage.
  • For a 4wd with roof racks raising the door height to 2486mm should be enough.
  • For storage space add 0.8m – 1m to the width or depth.
  • For a workshop add 1.2m – 1.6m to the width or depth.