About Me

My name’s Michael Kelly, I’m the owner of Streamline Building Designs. I’m also the sole building designer and draftsman who personally carries out all building design & drafting work.

When you hire me, you get to deal directly with me throughout the entire process. I’ll work with you to create a design that is energy efficient, functional, attractive and cost effective to build.

My Experience

I have over 12 year’s experience working as a building designer and draftsman in the construction industry. As an accredited building designer I’ve produced design and building plans for a wide range of custom new houses and other residential projects. I’ve also detailed a wide range of construction methods including timber framed, steel framed, brick veneer, double brick & SIP (structural insulated panels).

Prior to starting Streamline Building Designs I worked for several custom home builders as an architectural draftsman. I’ve also worked as a structural draftsman, construction scheduler and cost estimator. This experience has helped me develop a good understanding of both architectural and structural design, construction methods and construction costs.

Design & Drafting Process

I’ve developed an efficient online service that allows me to work with clients state wide via phone and email. This save you time and money without compromising on the quality of your design and building plans. For new house designs I can work entirely by phone and email getting the information I need from a site survey, google earth and the state mapping system. For renovations & extensions I’ll make a site visit before starting on the concept design stage, I can then complete the remaining stages working remotely.

For most projects I’ll provide your plans in the following stages:

1. Proposal

To get started simply contact me with some details about your project. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else I need to know and then provide an obligation free proposal.

2. Concept Design Drawings

While working on your concept design drawings I’ll review the information you’ve provided, confirm any necessary details and analyse your site and council planning requirements. I’ll also make suggestions to improve your design if I see opportunities to do this.

3. Detailed Design Drawings

Your detailed design drawings will show the layout of your new home with elevations and a site plan. These drawings will be completed to the level required for a planning approval.

4. Building Plans

My building plans are detailed to the level required for building approval. I also include some extra details that help your builder and make sure your project runs smoothly.

Other Consultants

I work with a range of consultants including land surveyors, engineers, energy raters, BAL assessors, planning consultants & building surveyors who I can recommend as needed to assist with your project.

Planning & Building Approvals 

I guarantee building approval so any changes needed to your plans will be provided free of charge. Your proposal will also include a recommended process for arranging your approvals and I can also recommend planning consultants and building surveyors to assist with your approvals as needed.

Why Choose Me?

I’m reliable, easy to work with and have loads of experience. When you hire me you get to work directly with me throughout your project. Here’s a few more reasons to choose me as your building designer and draftsman:

  • Construction scheduling and cost estimating experience –  I know what’s cost effective to build and what will work with your budget.
  • Structural drafting experience – My designs are practical and efficient build.
  • Industry leading 3D drafting software – This allows me to efficiently create accurate building plans and 3D views.
  • Guaranteed building approval – If any changes are needed to get building approval I’ll provide them free of charge.
  • Entirely focused on residential building design and drafting