About Me

My name’s Michael Kelly, I’m the owner of Streamline Building Designs. I’m also the sole building designer and draftsman who personally carries out all building design & drafting work.

When you hire me, you get to deal directly with me throughout the entire process. I’ll work with you to create a design that’s energy efficient, functional, attractive and cost effective to build.

My Experience

I have over 12 year’s experience working as a building designer and draftsman in the construction industry. As an accredited building designer I’ve produced design and building plans for a wide range of custom new houses and other residential projects. I’ve also detailed a wide range of construction methods including timber framed, steel framed, brick veneer, double brick & SIP (structural insulated panels).

Prior to starting Streamline Building Designs I worked for several custom home builders as an architectural draftsman. I’ve also worked as a structural draftsman, construction scheduler and cost estimator. This experience has helped me develop a good understanding of both architectural and structural design, construction methods and construction costs.

My Design Process

I can take your sketches or design brief and create detailed building plans with guaranteed building approval. I’ll also guide you through the approvals process and recommend other required consultants. I’ll typically provide your plans in the following stages:

Stage 1 – Concept Design 

To provide your concept design drawings I’ll review your design, site & planning requirements. I’ll then provide a simple site plan and floor plan showing the position and layout of your house with room sizes, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures. I may also include sketches of any alternative options or improvements I can see.

At this stage you’ll generally need to arrange a contour survey, soil test and sometimes a bushfire hazard assessment. I’ll advise on exactly what’s required and recommend consultants.

Stage 2 – Detailed Design

At this stage I’ll complete your plans to the level required for a planning approval. This generally includes a cover page, site plan, floor plans, elevations and 3D views.

Once you’re happy with your plans you can submit them for planning approval. You can arrange this yourself or I can recommend a planning consultant who can do this for you. Additional information such as a written compliance reports or shadow diagram may be required. I’ll either provide these for you or recommend another consultant when needed.

Stage 3 – Building Plans

Once you’ve received planning approval I can complete your plans to the level required for building approval.

You’ll then need to arrange structural engineering and an energy assessment before your plans can be submitted to a building surveyor for building approval. I can recommend an engineer, energy assessor and building surveyor. I also guarantee building approval, so if any changes to the plans are requested by the building surveyor or council this will be provided free of charge.

Ready to Get Started?

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