The Benefits of Designing a Loft House

A loft is a room located just under roof in a house or other building. Usually it’s open on one wall, facing out to the interior space below. Lofts can be a great way to squeeze a little extra space out of a home or plan that needs just one more room.

Configuring your house building plans or re-designing your existing home to include a loft has many advantages. Here are the top reasons to include a loft in your home design:

  • Turns Wasted Ceiling Space Into Living Space
  • More Affordable Than a 2-Story Home
  • Easy to Add to Homes on Small Lots
  • Creates a Sense of Open Space in the Home
  • Can Provide a Scenic View That Wasn’t Possible from Ground Floor

A Loft Turns Wasted Ceiling Space Into Living Space

If you have a pitched roof, there’s likely to be unused space hidden between the interior ceiling and the exterior roof. Why not make better use of the empty area by turning it into a loft room? This easy little trick is a great way to gain extra space from your existing design.

Lofts Are More Affordable Than a 2-Story Home

The cost savings between adding a loft to your home plan versus creating a complete second level can be quite significant! Lofts require less man power, less design work, fewer building materials, and less build time. Restructuring your home to incorporate a loft can be a simple solution for a small budget.

Lofts Are Perfect for Homes on Small Lots

Perhaps you’re shopping for a new home, and have found one that just needs a little extra space but doesn’t have any lot for growth. Or maybe you’ve already outgrown the lot you have and are looking for a creative way to add another bedroom. Whatever the case, lofts are a wonderful solution to people who have a small lot size. Absolutely no lot space will be used at all to build a loft!

Lofts Create a Sense of Open Space

This is especially true if your home currently has low ceilings. Adding a loft will often be done in the middle of the house. Frequently, this is where the main living room or kitchen may be located. Eliminate the ceiling to include a new loft space will breathe new life into your existing design.

Lofts Can Give A New Scenic View

From the ground floor, most views in neighborhoods are about the same — that is, a view of the other homes, trees, and streets. Bored of that scene? Adding a loft gives you a good 3 meters or more of upper space, sometimes dramatically changing the scenery that can be viewed from the loft window.

Accessing the Loft

Now that you’re excited about the prospect of adding a loft to you home, how will you choose to access it? Commonly, a standard fixed ladder is used. However, there is no rule that a fixed ladder must be used in your design. A fold-up ladder may work well to give access to a loft that’s only occassionally used. Alternatively, a complete staircase can also be made, depending on council approval codes and your existing floor plan. Some people have even found creative ways to add drawers to the staircase space, to make a convenient storage area.

Lofts are an exciting addition to the home and can be used for anything from a guest bedroom to a hobby room to an office or a sunroom! The purpose of the loft can change over the years, but the extra space you get from the loft will always be valuable.