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Website Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Limitations of Use

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No warranty or guarantee is offered or entered into by using our services or website unless otherwise agreed in writing


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Service Terms & Conditions

Service Exclusions:

The plans included are architectural only and do not include any structural / hydraulic plans, documents, reports or approvals not specified in the scope of works.

My service does not include arranging approvals or other consultant’s services however I can recommend consultants for most documents and reports needed. Time spent answering queries relating to approvals and other consultant’s services may be charged as additional work in 30-minute increments.

Changes to the plans or additional plans requested by the client may be charged as additional work. This may include changes requested by the client, other consultants and changes required for planning approval. Time spent answering queries or discussing changes may also be charged as additional work.

Guaranteed building approval is for the provided plans only, requests for additional plans, specifications or reports may incur an additional cost or need to be provided by another consultant.

Timeframes, Payments & Termination:

Any timeframes given for my service are an indication only and are not guaranteed. As a sole trader, I may need to put my projects on hold in the unlikely event that I need to take unplanned time off work

The full invoice must be paid before final plans will be provided. drafts plans will be provided until payment is confirmed. Once draft plans have been sent the full payment is due within 14 days.

If the project is delayed by the client for more than 14 days a progress payment based on my hours worked to date will be required. Once requested progress payments will be due within 7 days.

If payments have not been received as agreed a debt collector may be engaged. You will be liable for all costs incurred, including legal demand costs. Overdue accounts will also be subject to a late payment fee of $40 + interest at the rate of 9% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid

Termination by the client:  You can terminate this service at any time. Any work already completed will be charged out at my standard hourly rate of $100 +gst. This will be due within 14 days. I can provide 2D CAD files that can be used by another draftsperson or designer.

Termination by me: In the unlikely event that I am unable to complete your project I may terminate the project. Any work already completed will be charged out at my standard hourly rate of $100 +gst. This will be due within 14 days. I can provide 2D CAD files that can be used by another draftsperson or designer.


Ownership of the work produced is not granted to the client until all outstanding debts are paid. Streamline Drafting and Design retains a joint ownership of the work produced

Streamline Drafting and Design assumes the right to use any work produced for promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed in writing.

It is assumed that the client owns the copyright or has permission to use any sketches, drawings or images supplied by the client