How To Choose A Size For Your New Garage

Making new additions to your home and property can bring about a lot of decisions. Garages are one improvement that can raise the value of your home, provide a great place to keep your vehicle out of the rain, snow, and sun, and give accessible storage space for sports equipment and yard tools.

For those looking to add a new garage, have you considered what size you want and why? Here’s a simple guideline for choosing the best garage size for your needs.


First and foremost, how many cars do you own or plan to own? And what style of vehicle are they? Since garages are primarily built for the purpose of storing a car, this should be the most important question.

Many families tend to own two vehicles for a variety of reason — one car for each parent, one car for long trips and one car for commuting, or one for work, one for pleasure. Even if two cars are not currently owned, you may be thinking of getting two at some point in the future (consider a growing family, purchase of a sports car, or space for guests to park.)

A double car garage is one of my popular request for designing and drafting. I recommend 6.2m x 6.2m (external measurements)  as the standard two-car garage size. With this size you can easily fit two “4×4” style vehicles. If you prefer smaller cars, you may be able to get away with a 6m x 6m. Or alternatively, if you want just a little more room you could go as big as 6.4m x 6.4m.

For a single car garage, I recommend 3.2m x 6.2. Triple car garages are also a a good option if you have the space, but many home owners do not have the space to add such a large addition.


The height of your garage door may be a question you have not thought about. Many people don’t even realize there are choices in this area!

A good standard door height is 2143mm, also known as 25 brick courses. Most standard vehicles will fit through this opening and many door options are available.

For especially large vehicles or those with sports rack mounts, you can increase the garage door height to 2400mm, or 28 brick courses. This will allow plenty of clearance for your outdoor gear, added roof lights, or other non-standard accessory. Keep in mind though, the extra door height will slightly increase the project cost.


To add extra storage space to your garage, simply include one more meter to the overall width. This formula gives just enough space for 450mm of shelving with 550mm of walking space to access the shelves. Or skip the shelves and use the space to park a motorcycle or scooter.

Also consider building more vertical storage space. Your new garage can be designed as a two-level building with an entire upper room. That upper room could be an attic, mother-in-law suite, guest room, play room for kids, or an rental condo.

Garage Size Chart

 Single Car GarageDouble Car GarageDouble Car Garage + Storage
Recommended Size3.2m x 6.2m6.2m x 6.2m7.2m x 6.2m
Recommended Door Height2143mm2143mm2400mm
What It Holds1 sedan style car2 4×4 style cars2 4×4 cars with roof racks + storage


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