About Me

My name’s Michael Kelly, I’m the owner of Streamline Drafting and Design. I’m also the sole building designer and draftsman who personally carries out all drafting and design work.

When you hire me you get to deal directly with me throughout the entire process. I’ll work with you to create a design that is energy efficient, functional, attractive and cost effective to build.

My Experience

I have over 12 years experience working as a architectural draftsman and building designer. Throughout my career I’ve worked for several home builders and a structural engineering firm. Most of my experience has been working as a architectural draftsman and designer for new home building companies where I’ve worked on hundreds of new house designs. I’ve produced designs and building plans for single and multi story houses ranging from $200,000 to over $1,000,000.  I’ve also detailed a wide range of construction methods including, double brick, brick veneer, timber framed, steel framed and SIP’s (structural insulated panels).

My experience working as a structural draftsman has helped me develop a good understanding of structural principles. This allows me to design projects that not only look good but are practical to build and can easily be certified by a structural engineer, often without any changes being needed. This is an important attribute for a building designer and architectural draftsman as a design that doesn’t consider structural principles will cause problems down the track.

I also have experience working as a construction scheduler and cost estimator for a new home builder. This has helped me better understand construction costs and let’s me make suggestions to reduce the cost of your building project.

Why Choose Me?

I’m reliable, easy to work with and have loads of experience. When you hire me you get to work directly with me throughout your project. Here’s a few more reasons to choose me as your building designer and draftsman:

  • Construction scheduling and cost estimating experience –  I know what’s cost effective to build and will work within your budget.
  • Structural drafting experience – My designs are practical to build and won’t cause problems for your engineer.
  • Industry leading 3D drafting software – This allows me to efficiently create accurate building plans and 3D views
  • Guaranteed building approval – If any changes are needed to get building approval I’ll provide them free of charge.
  • Entirely focused on residential drafting and design